Solagen case study

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Solagen case study

Individual Case Study Report: Final Exam case study based: Office Hours I use a true "open-door" policy.

Solagen case study

You are welcome to contact me in my office SBB at any time. If I am not available, a meeting at an alternative time can be arranged. You are encouraged to use e-mail as an extension of office hours and as a means of communication on course related matters. I will collect student e-mail addresses in the first week of class in order to create a student e-mail list that will be used to communicate information related to the class.

These communications may include: Course Overview Strategic management of operations has become Solagen case study topic of increasing importance in recent years.

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However, operations do not become a strategic weapon by accident. It requires deliberate managerial actions that are designed to bring the manufacturing system under the direction and discipline of competitive strategy.

The old view of operations as the task of running and maintaining a comparatively static production facility has given way to one characterized by a need for renewed flexibility, relentless improvement, and the development of new capabilities.

As the firms are being exposed to the mounting pressures of increasing customer expectations and worldwide competition, there is a need to search out new sources of competitive advantage that are harder to replicate. The continued focus on outsourcing has also given rise to an additional aspect.

Rather, it is taking place through a web of organizations termed supply chains that consists of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers as well as consumers. According to recent reports, even the focus of competition has shifted from the level of firms to that of entire supply chains.

The success of any organization is now measured in terms of the effectiveness of its supply chain strategy, rather than firm level strategy.

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Second, as result of this changing environment, the skills required of operations managers have begun to change. The tools of control are now overshadowed by the tools of operations improvement.

The ability to involve a workforce as a central part of creating new capabilities has become more important than the ability to control them as part of a static process.

There are also few operations today in which information technology IT does not play a central role. Operations managers now require an intimate understanding of IT and how to mesh it with operation to build superior performance and new ways of competing.

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Thought of the Day, Thought For The Day, Motivational Thoughts of the Day from MotivateUs Why is the learning curve so flat in gelatin manufacture?
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As compensation for these new challenges, the power of operations to create competitive advantage is now becoming broadly understood. In a growing number of companies, operations has become an equal partner whose potential to create difficult-to-imitate and competitively significant capabilities is appreciated and exploited.

This course provides students with the tools, conceptual frameworks, and technological understanding necessary to manage operations in this increasingly challenging world. Course Focus and Objectives This course is mainly aimed at students who intend either to manage or consult for operations in the manufacturing and service industries.

While many of the topics are informative for senior managers, the primary focus is on preparing more junior operations managers to take effective action early in their careers. A major part of the course is devoted to exploring strategic issues at the intersection of information systems and operations management and issues related to supply chain strategy.

The topics are biased towards action and implementation, but nevertheless rest on a common, conceptual premise: The key to success lies in designing operations to provide a foundation for subsequent improvement, managing them in a way that directs, fuels and sustains that improvement path, and improving the operating unit with an explicit and effective strategy.

Traditional courses in operations management have typically focused on one or the other of these activities. This course aims to integrate them. The teaching objectives are: To provide action-oriented tools and frameworks that equip students to be effective operations managers and consultants.

To show students how to combine new information technologies with existing operations to build ongoing performance improvement, rather than simply to provide data or replace labor. To teach new operations management and design principles that facilitate the ongoing improvement of processes, systems and operating units.

Course Content and Structure Most sessions will be case-based, although there will be a number of short lectures delivered as part of case-based session, in addition to some sessions that will be wholly lecture-based.

There will also be a number of guest lectures tentatively three. Class time will be mostly devoted to case discussions and the lectures will be used to introduce important concepts and guide the students through their readings. The course is divided into three modules: Designing and Implementing Operations Improvement Strategies The following provides a brief outline of each of the modules.

Designing, Managing and Improving Operations Processes The first module of the course looks at the mechanisms by which the performance of operations processes can be improved. It introduces students to the competitive importance of rapid process improvement, and shows how operations managers can make a difference to the rate of that improvement.

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Study on Kenya’s energy demand, supply. Solagen: Process Improvement in the Manufacture of Gelatin at Kodak is a Harvard Business (HBR) Case Study on Technology & Operations, Fern Fort University provides HBR .

Free College Essay Solagen Case Study. 1) Why has Kodak learned so little about the gelatin manufacturing process in years? Why is the learning curve.

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Solagen case study

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