Leadership in enders game essay

Ender's Game Essay by Cullen You are a historian sifting through the records of the Battle School years after the victory against the Buggers. You are to write an essay for Leadership Magazine to describe the relationship between Ender and Col.

Leadership in enders game essay

Please, do not read if you want to avoid them. Ender's Game, Intention, and Morality". You can read the whole article at the former link, but Kessel's thesis is that OSC created a justification of genocide by presenting a scenario where Ender committed genocide in a seemingly innocent, blameless manner.

It seems to me that, in Kessel's opinion, the book tries to give a political justification for genocide. Perhaps it is summed up best in his postcript: I did not mean to give the impression that I believe that intention is irrelevant to judging whether an action is moral. We normally take intentions into account when making such judgments.

To judge only by results would be cruel and rigid. What bothers me about OSC and Ender's Game is that he says that only intentions matter in making such judgments. This I absolutely reject.

It is the classic excuse of someone who commits a heinous act to say that his intentions were good, and to justify his questionable means by referring to his good ends.

We see this all too obviously, for example, in the justifications the Bush administration gave for the Iraq war. They said they thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, that he had links to terrorism, that we were there to promote democracy, etc.

Millions of people even at the time knew that these justifications were inadequate, or in many cases outright fabrications. Card sets up Ender to be the sincere, abused innocent, and rigs the game to make us accept that he does no wrong.

I see the entire pupose of the "remote war by game" trick in the novel as a device to make this argument plausible. But in the real world genocide is not committed by accident. We see the immoral consequences of such a mode of thought in the heaps of dead bodies that history has piled up, committed always by leaders who tell us they only meant to protect us from evil.

I just will not accept that. As I see it, it is not a blameless genocide.

Leadership in enders game essay

The responsibility falls wholly on the Battle School staff. Ender was their unwitting tool. They molded him so that he would only count on his own resources and expect no help from anyone while having to face difficult odds, thus encouraging his ruthlessness, and used his tactical genius without allowing him to know what was really going on.

They are the ones who acted and created the situation, and the responsibility for the results, good or bad, is theirs. Kessel's analogy with Bush administration is not reasonable.

Ender’s Game

The two situations have nothing to do with each other. The Bush administration knew they were acting in reality, not in a simulated training exercise.

Their intentions may or may not have been good, but they are responsible for their own actions. Ender, on the other hand, had been isolated and systematically fed distorted information. He had no reasonable way to know that he was not in a simulation exercise.list of characters who you consider leaders in Ender’s Game.

Beside each character name, note whether their anger runs “hot” or “cold.” Then write a brief description of each character’s leadership style. Does the nature of the basis for a short essay on “Anger and Leadership.”. Pre-made tests on Ender's Game Final Test - Easy, including multiple choice, short answer, short essay, and in-depth essay questions.

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Buy Enders Game essay paper online Ender’s game is a science fiction novel that narrates the story of Andrew Wiggin, a small child who was nicknamed Ender by her sister Valentine. The story happens to have taken place on the earth in the future. Ender’s Game Book Report. or any similar topic specifically for you.

Enders’ great leadership can be seen in this quote, “The soldiers knew by now that Ender could be brutal in the way he talked to groups, but when he worked with an individual he was always patient, explaining as often as necessary, making suggestions quietly.

Ender's Video game is a technology fiction novel occur the fairly distant potential, in a period when aliens have previously attacked Earth twice and the populace is . Ender’s Game is more than about the difficulty and excitement that competition provides in preparing for combat.

There are lessons in training methodology, leadership, and ethics as well.

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