Essay on jellyfish

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Essay on jellyfish

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People rarely enjoy meeting a jellyfish. On the beach they appear limp, amorphous, and blistered in the sun. They hardly evoke the serene elegance of a turtle or the majesty of a breaching humpback whale.

But despite making a poor first impression, jellyfish are among the most unusual animals on Earth and deserve a second chance to introduce themselves.

One reason they are so common is that contrary to appearances, a body made from jelly is a very successful strategy. They have super powers Many jellies have evolved unique abilities, some of which seem almost supernatural. Other species can produce copious amounts of offspring: They have an amazing childhood Many jellyfish belonging to the class scyphozoa have a remarkable and complex life cycle.

Adult jellyfish reproduce sexually, releasing thousands of babies known as planulae into the plankton. Each planula then develops into a polyp, a small 2mm-3mmstationary lifeform that feeds off floating bits of plankton.

These polyps reproduce asexually, forming a colony of clones. When the time is right, the clones undergo a process known as strobilation, which transforms each one into something that looks like a stack of pancakes.

Essay on jellyfish

One by one, they are then released into the surrounding plankton. Mass outbreaks of jellyfish can overrun fish farms, block cooling pipes of power stations, burst fishing nets and damage tourist businesses. But the greatest jellyfish contribution to humankind must be the green fluorescent protein GFPa common biomarker synthesised from crystal jellies.

Jellyfish may well have started the villain, but to many scientists around the world, they have become the inadvertent hero.


They remain a fascinating mystery There is still so much to discover about these amazing organisms. Another mystery is the actual role jellyfish play in ecosystems.

This means jellyfish likely play a more important role in marine ecosystems than previously thought.

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Documenting and understanding this is a top priority for jellyfish researchers.Check out our top Free Essays on Jellyfish to help you write your own Essay.

Jellyfish and Ocean Currents Mrs. Haske English 11 December 4, Outline I Introduction A. Statements about jellyfish B. Thesis statement: Jellyfish are mysterious creatures that live almost anywhere in the water and depend on ocean currents to move as well as create them.

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