Essay journey by bus

A Journey by Bus A journey by bus is dull and boring.

Essay journey by bus

As soon as our college closed for winter, I began to make necessary preparations for going home. Our family resides at Sukkar where my father is a lawyer. I make my journeys to and from Sukkar by train.

Some of my class-mates hail from Khairpur. They pressed hard that this time I should go to Sukkar by bus via Khairpur. The suggestion appealed to me and I agreed. Early next morning we boarded a Sukkur-bound bus at the bus stand near Al-Karam Square.

The bus was then almost empty and we thought that we would have a very pleasant journey. Just at the scheduled time of start, the bus moved a few steps and stopped and waited there for five minutes during which time it became full to its sanctioned capacity.

We hoped that as the journey was long, the bus would run on and on and would not allow any other passengers to get in. Some persons were waiting there, for the bus with their heavy load to be carried to Sukkur. These were taken on the roof and the passengers were allowed in.

We and other passengers were requested to make room for the new-comers. We complied with the request, but not with a very charitable heart. The bus then ran very swiftly stopping here and there when a passenger waived his hand to stop it.

In this way the bus was overwhelmingly full. The crowd was now so great that we began to perspire even in the morning time of the day. At Hyderabad the bus stopped for ten minutes.

Many passengers got down to buy some eatables. All of a sudden there were helpless cries from a passenger who said that he had been pick pocketed for an amount of Rs.

We availed ourselves of this opportunity in having tea and some refreshment in a posh restaurant. Some years back it was an ordinary sub-divisional town, but it is no longer so.

A well-equipped hospital together with the schools and colleges have made the place very important.

Essay journey by bus

The bus again started with full speed. From there the journey was really a pleasant one.A journey by bus is definitely a peasant experience. I got the rare opportunity of visiting a place named-Daringbari in the district of Phulbani during the X-mas holidays.

The place is a valley with sweet scented flower bearing trees. Journey By Bus Essays Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against " journey by bus essays ".

Whether your project or assignment is for school, personal use or business purposes our team works hard in providing % royalty . Essay on A Journey by Bus ( to words) Travelling on a bus gives us a mixed experience pleasant and unpleasant. Nowadays most of the buses in our State are crowded with passengers.

Jun 30,  · English Essay on "A Journey By Bus" Last summer, the marriage ceremony of my Uncle’s elder daughter was held at Hyderabad.

My family had already gone there and only I was left behind in Karachi because my school had not closed for summer vacation yet. A bus journey essay.

Essay journey by bus

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It is generally said that a journey by bus is not so thrilling as one by train or aero plane is. However, I had quite a pleasant experience of the journey by bus which I undertook last Sunday.

The week before Sunday had been a very hot one. My parents decided to spend a week at Shimla.

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