Eoq and jit paper

Both approaches are common in manufacturing environments. However, each method is best used in situations where they align to criteria. Below is a summary of the two methods and a description of when each is best suited to either batch-mode or continuous manufacturing. In some cases, both methods are in place at the same time.

Eoq and jit paper

See Dependent Demand and Independent Demand. Dependent demand —demand generated from scheduled production of other items. Dim weight —see Dimensional weight Dimensional weight —formula used to determine freight charges when the minimum weight-to-volume ratio has not been met.

Actual weight and dim weight are compared, and the larger weight is used for the freight calculation. Dim weight had historically been calculated by: However, recently the carriers have been creating more complex dim weight policies.

So depending on the carrier, destination, and service, you may using a different divisor. For example, as ofUPS uses instead of for air shipments, and for exports, then later started using for ground shipments but only if they are over 5, cubic inches it looks like in they will eliminate the exclusion for packages 5, cubic inches or smaller.


The purpose of dimensional weights is to allow the carriers to more effectively apply freight charges when very lightweight but bulky shipments occur. These lightweight but bulky packages can quickly fill up an airplane or trailer, yet not provide enough revenue based on weight-based fees to cover costs.

Eoq and jit paper

Dim weight Direct ship —direct shipping and drop shipping are two terms generally used interchangeably. They describe a process whereby three parties interact with the sales transaction the buyer, the seller, and the supplier. The buyer initiates a purchase from the seller, who then arranges with the supplier to ship the product directly to the buyer.

The seller does not carry inventory of the product and the supplier does not have any direct communication with the buyer. The buyer pays the seller and the seller pays the supplier. In the case of a "Blind" direct shipment, the supplier information is intentionally hidden from the buyer.

Though both terms direct ship and drop ship are generally used to describe the same process, I've always considered a small distinction between the two that relates to where you are in the supply chain. Sometimes the term drop ship also describes the process of shipping to any location that is different from the customer's normal shipping location.

This subtle distinction is sometimes evident in the terminology used in software documentation. Direct shipment, Drop shipment. This bypasses the retailers distribution network. In some cases this is more than just a delivery method, but also a vendor-managed inventory method whereby the supplier manages the inventory process, physically delivers and stocks the product on the retailer's store shelves.

Discrete manufacturing —describes manufacturing of distinct items items you can easily count, touch, see such as a pencil, a light bulb, a telephone, a bicycle, a fuel pump, etc. Discrete as opposed to Process manufacturing.

Also see Process Manufacturing. Distribution —describes the process of storing, shipping, and transporting goods.There is often some confusion in the concepts of Material Requirements Planning, Economic Order Quantity, and Just-in-Time.

The purpose of this article is to describe the differences between Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Economic Ordering Quantity (EOQ) and Just-in-time (JIT) methods of.

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Supply Chain Glossary. Like any industry we have a multitude of terms that are commonly used. So I’ve started a list here. If you have any others to add, please add them in the comments caninariojana.com then I’ll add them to the list.

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When it comes to inventory management there are two basic methods that are used far more than any other. Glossary of Inventory Management and Warehouse Operation Terms. All definitions written by Dave Piasecki. Below are some of the terms, acronyms, and abbreviations you may run into on this site and others on the web relating to inventory operations.

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