Commodity chain research paper

Commodity Chain Analysis Paper:

Commodity chain research paper

The Geography of Developing Countries Prof. Bassett Spring Introduction. We are linked to ordinary people in the global South whenever we pick up a cell phone, drink a cup of coffee, or put clothes on our backs.

These encounters can take place at the breakfast table, if we take the time to trace the origins of our meal, and on the telephone when we connect with a call center in India or the Philippines to service a product we purchased at a local electronics store.

These everyday encounters linking distant producers and consumers can be conceptualized as commodity chains or networks of labor and production relationships that result in the transformation of raw materials or ideas into finished products instant coffee, a chocolate bar or services.

Commodity chains enable us to visualize geographies of production and consumption that are often hidden when we buy goods and services. The critical essay project has two learning objectives. The first is to investigate the economic geography of a commodity a product or service that binds Northern consumers with Southern producers in complex production networks.

The second is to map the network sourcing, production, distribution, consumption, disposal of a specific commodity using MapViewer7. There are four steps to this assignment. The first is to select a commodity whose geography you wish to explore.

This can be something you use or encounter in your daily life see? Whatever product you choose, part of its production process must take place in the global South.

The second step is to read articles and explore websites on the topic of global commodity chains in general see? The third task is to make a map showing the global network of the commodity or service you are investigating.

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The fourth and final step is to write a 5-page paper that pulls together the readings and maps into a compelling and coherent essay. The overarching question that your paper should address is: What is the commodity chain of [a product] and how can we explain its geography??

Some related questions to consider when answering this central question are: What countries participate in the production-consumption-disposal network? What are the key factors and processes producing this geographical pattern? What are the typical working conditions at different sites along the commodity chain?

Can these commodity chains be restructured in a way that will improve producer working conditions and incomes? If so, how might this take place? What are the obstacles to achieving these goals?Commodity Chain Analysis: Water Commodity Chain Analysis Paper: Water Aquafina Bottled Water (Pepsico) The increased popularity of bottled water over the last ten or so years has led to many questions about its position in the market, as well as regarding its health beliefs and its impact on the environment, both in packaging and in trapping a once free flowing commodity .

Commodity Chain Research Paper Sociological Research Commodity Chains The global economy today is a network of commodity exchanges that connect producers and consumers around the world Each commodity in this global economy can be traced from production to consumption Not all products we consume have global origins, but the trend is a powerful one.

•In doing so, following issues must be considered: –Where the commodity chain for the chosen object/product/service started and where the chain ended (from initial production to final waste disposal).

Commodity Chain Research Paper. Sociological Research. Commodity Chains. The global economy today is a network of commodity exchanges that connect producers and consumers around the world Each commodity in this global economy can be traced from production to consumption.

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Commodity Chain Analysis of Nike Shoes - Commodity chain analysis of a Nike Shoe Introduction Since its creation, Nike has proven itself as a popular brand and it has created niches by selling products such as footwear, apparels and .

Recently, there have been intense debates about the theoretical bases of commodity chain analysis. In these debates, conceptualizations of space and the embedment of commodity chains in broader institutional and political environments have been key issues (Brown et al.

Commodity chain research paper

, Bair/Werner , Selwyn ).

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