Big bazaar history

Within a span of ten yearsthere are now Big Bazaar stores in 90 cities and towns across India. Though Big Bazaar was launched purely as a fashion format including apparel, cosmetics, accessory and general merchandise, over the years Big Bazaar has included a wide range of products and service offerings under their retail chain. The inspiration behind this entire retail format was from Saravana Storesa local store in T.

Big bazaar history

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum is re-opened after restorations. Big bazaar history Pass You can buy the "Museum Pass" for foreigners which is valid for 3 and 5 days in various museums of Istanbul. Museums open 7 days More News Bazaars in Istanbul Istanbul has always been an important city throughout the history.

Located on the crossroads of trade routes, it surely enjoyed a great deal of international attention and its economy has always grown up.

Since the beginning of the settlement here, commerce was heavily practiced and bazaars were filled with all kinds of items, buyers and sellers from everywhere. This commercial activity has left its mark on the city with its old bazaars, and today the tradition of shopping continues with many old and modern malls in this great city.

It was built of wood after the Conquest of Istanbul around an old Byzantine building which became the part of the Old Bedesten Old Bazaar today, and got bigger and larger throughout the centuries with the addition of new sections and inns.

Than open streets Big bazaar history covered with doomed roofs connecting separate buildings to each other.

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Today the bazaar covers an area of approximately 31thousand square meters thousand square foot with its over shops some even say17 inns Han61 streets, over 20thousand employees, 4 fountains, 10 wells, 2 mosques, several cafes and restaurantschange offices, a police station, and 22 gates.

It resembles a giant labyrinth and can be a little complicated for the first-time visitor, but after a couple of visits there you can familiarize with it because streets are arranged almost on a grid plan, and shops tend to group themselves according to the type of goods they sell.

The old wooden Grand Bazaar built by Mehmet II suffered several fires and earthquakes during centuries but has always been repaired after each disaster.

Last restorations were made after a big fire in the mid-fifties when it was finally made of stone. During Ottoman times all kinds of jewelry, fabrics, weaponry and antiques were sold by merchants, unfortunately today quilt makers, slipper makers, turban and fez makers do not exists anymore.

Today, it's very popular for tourists looking for traditional shops and goods. There are thousands of things you can find and buy in the Grand Bazaar, or just enjoy local people and Turkish hospitality with some window shopping. It's one of the most significant tourist sites in Istanbul owing to its location, architecturehistory and fame.

Depending on the season, between thousand people visit the Bazaar everyday. The Grand Bazaar is open daily between Click here for high resolution photo gallery of the Grand Bazaar.

Big bazaar history

It's located just behind the Yeni Mosque at Eminonu neighborhoodat the entrance of the Golden Horn. The Bazaar was originally made of wood in midth century by the architect Kazim Aga, and got its final restorations during mid-forties. The name comes from the fact that Egyptians used to sell their spices here and that it once received income from taxes levied on Egypt.

Instead the English name comes from the days when the Bazaar was specialized on selling spices and herbs, medicinal plants and drugs. Lately, there are also shops selling stuff other than spices but you can still see and smell many interesting spices, dried fruits and nuts, teasoils and essences, sweets, honeycombs, and aphrodisiacs.

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The Spice Market has 86 shops inside. Outside there is a plant market on one side and a food market on the other. There are 6 gates of the L-shaped Bazaar. The ceiling is higher respect to Grand Bazaarand this is also covered with domes. The Egyptian Bazaar is open daily between Since it remains open on Sundays too, between Click here for high resolution photo gallery of the Egyptian Bazaar.

There are about 40 shops lined on both sides of a street, selling mostly traditional items. Originally this place was built in the 17th century together with the mosque and used to be stables during the Ottoman period.

Several fires in the past destroyed the stables and it was left in ruins for a long time. It was converted into shops in s, permitting the money from rents to be used in the restoration works of the Blue Mosque.Kishore Biyani is an Indian is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Future Group and also the founder of retail businesses such as Pantaloon Retail and Big caninariojana.comality: Indian.

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If you subscribe to a newsletter or otherwise register with the Sites, these cookies may be. History. Big Bazaar was founded in by Kishore, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the parent company, the Future Group. Popular Indian actress Asin and the then-Captain of Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni have previously endorsed for the fashion vertical of Big caninariojana.comr: Kishore Laxminarayan Biyani.

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