Adventureland movie review

Essay contest winners chose to live right now, in the late s and ancient Egypt. Adventureland The experiences and relationships in this movie reminded Se, 18, of high school.

Adventureland movie review

One thing it isn't remembered for, despite what the credits say, is being a Greg Mottola movie. Seth Rogen co-wrote it, and Judd Apatow produced it.

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As such, the film tends to get lumped in with all things Apatow. Like every director in the Apatow fraternity, Mottola was more a traffic cop, making sure the physical and hormonal chaos didn't kill anybody. The sensibility crude, schlubby, cuddly was Apatow's.

The film "Adventureland" means to provide a clearer sense of what "A film by Greg Mottola" means.

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But the forecast is "hazy with a chance of cute. The film is set in Pennsylvania in and revolves around James Jesse Eisenberga stammering, inexorably bright recent college graduate bound for Columbia University's writing program.

He says he wants to write travel books as Charles Dickens did. A trip to Europe is in the offing. But his parents' sour finances leave him stuck with a job operating the games at an Adventureland amusement park managed by the sort of one-dimensional nonsense couple you'd expect Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, of "Saturday Night Live," to play.

James's awkwardness and ambivalence informs the rest of the movie's tone. Eisenberg has Albert Brooks's sense of intellectual superiority and certain young people's social insecurity.

The movie puts both to the most banal ends.

Adventureland movie review

James finds himself caught between two of the most nubile girls on the park's payroll. Emily Kristen Stewart works in the games department with him. Lisa P Margarita Levieva is the little red Corvette of the staff.

In case you missed that: Lisa P works in rides. Stewart and Levieva represent two competing types of sexuality, indirect versus indiscreet.

Stewart supplies another movie with the forlorn lust that made sense in "Twilight. What Lisa P knows about carnality she appears to have learned from Whitesnake music videos.

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Things are complicated by the news that Emily, whom James prefers, has been having an affair with the park's hunky, older married mechanic, played by Ryan Reynolds. James is the last to know.

Adventureland movie review

Why didn't Mottola build the movie around them? Some characters can't even see what's in front of their eyes. Lisa P's introduction comes with a marvelous speech from Joel about the aesthetics of her backside.What makes the movie such an unexpectedly potent little number is that Adventureland comes to stand for Stagnationland; the real roller coaster (i.e., life) is just outside the park.

Read full review  · The Adventureland reviews are here, and they’re not (coconut) shy to tell you what they think. Looks like we might have a minor classic on our hands. The ‘Adventureland’ theme park is actually a real place in Long Island, New York, and the movie is based on the director’s own experiences › Home › Review.

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Adventureland movie reviews & Metacritic score: It's the summer of , and James Brennan, an uptight recent college grad, can't wait to embark on his drea. Adventureland is a sweet charmed comedy that nails the cultural references and keeps the laughs and drama tightly wound for a beautiful effect.

Prestonagé - More on 'Adventureland' Read the Adventureland movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on › Mar 31,  · It is a truth of twentysomethings that if you have a crappy summer job with other twentysomethings, the way to take your mind off work is daydreaming of sex with your workmates.

You are trapped there together eight or 10 hours a day for three months, right, so what else is there to make you dance to unheard melodies?3/5.

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